What's It All About?

My name is Andria and I believe in cultivating kindness while doing what we can to help planet earth. How? By producing high quality products that are designed and printed in Ireland on the best quality recycled paper for you to enjoy and share with loved ones. 

So what better industry to be in than the wonderful world of greeting cards!

Living in Dublin, Ireland, I've started Wild Watermelon as a creative business that produces greeting cards and A4 prints on high quality, gorgeous, recycled paper. Printed and designed in Ireland for those who care about family, friends and the planet.

All cards are 150mm square and printed on bright, white, high quality recycled card stock.

All are blank inside... why? Because we all have different needs and wants. Your perfect card can mean so many things to your friends and family, so this helps with its versatile sentiment. 

Wild Watermelon proudly display the logo on the flap of each envelope - a fabulous embossed mark to endorse quality, love and sustainability. There's two envelope colours: a blush and an off-white. 

Wild Watermelon Greeting Card Envelope

Do we ever know what we want to be when we grow up?!

One of the great memories from being little, was experiencing the fun and love while when collecting fancy paper and note cards, stationery with siblings, cousins and friends. This stayed with me all my life and when moving into office jobs, I could see the happiness stationery brought my colleagues - in all fairness, I had a great collection during office days.

In my late 20s, some friends and I went to Japan and saw amazing, beautiful stationery – the strong graphics used on delicious cards, papers, calendars were just perfect and brought back all those happy memories.

Wild Watermelon Greeting Cards
I'm very fond of people and ensuring their happiness, so the customer / client services roles I was in suited my personality in the mid to late 2000's. However, I was not listening to my creative side.

I was tipping away at the odd course in NCAD and illustration that kept me interested and engaged but never felt I could leave full time employment to pursue a career by myself. In my spare time I’ve always created my own St. Patrick’s Day cards and Christmas cards in my spare time which I’d send around the world to family and friends. The genuine appreciation is so reassuring. When I looked into it further I realised that it’s a great way to promote positivity, convey emotions and express sentiment, it really is the perfect product.

After spending a decade in a crazy busy financial services role, I left those dizzy days and two fabulous little boys later, here I am. A little worse for wear, but very content indeed!

Wild Watermelon Andria