Recycle, Recycle (Recycle, Recycle!)

Mother Nature's not very happy with us...

So, let's try and make it a little better! It's not easy though. Yes, we have our recycling bins and we try to wash all our used plastic bits and bobs out, but sometimes we're all just a little too busy.

In saying that, if you see something fab that you want to buy and oh no, it's not recyclable, do you get that extra pang of guilt?

Just because something is made of recycled goods, shouldn't mean that the quality and texture is compromised.

I believe that you can have both! A clear conscience and by really lovely things that minimise the impact on the planet.

Recycled paper is very important to me. This includes the card stock and the envelopes. Both have been sourced from industry specialists which I've built up a relationship with and know they can provide the best quality products for your needs.

After all, Wild Watermelon is here to help you and the planet - share the love and send a smile!

Wild Watermelon Recycle Greeting Card